Denomination of Controlled Origin this wine has ancient origins and its name appears for the first time in a parchment of 1447, our ramaterra is a combination of four grape varieties: Nebbiolo, Croatina, Bonarda (Uva Rara) and Vespolina, growing on the porphyry hills of Casa del Bosco (Sostegno); it is matured for at least 24 months, of which at least 18, in wood. Ruby red to garnet, intense and complex with floral notes of violets and fruity raspberry, evolves in ethereal and spicy notes, liquorice, leather; dry and velvety taste with pleasant background bitter and of goudron; full bodied, rigorous with good harmony.

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Technical description

Vineyard Location
Casa del Bosco (Sostegno)

Vine Variety
Nebbiolo 60%, Croatina, Bonarda (Uva Rara), Vespolina.

Cultivation System
Renewed vine shoot (Guyot), grass regeneration, limited organiz fertilisation

Production Parameters
Maximum yield 6500 Kg/ha
Low bud load
Limited yield per vinestock
Harvesting selection
Intense and prolonged maceration, partially in wooden tuns
Controlled temperature fermentation
Aging min. 24 months, of which min. 18 months in oak barrels

Analytical Parameters
Min. natural alcohol content: 13% vol.

Organoleptic Characteristics
Ruby red color tending toward garnet; intense and complex with floral notes of violets and fruity notes of raspberry, it evolves in ethereal and spicy notes, licorice, leather; dry and elvety taste with pleasant bitter and goudron background; full bodied, austere harmonic.

Aging Period
6 – 8 years and longer

Serving Temperature

Suitable for ‘Panissa’, elaborate meat dishes, excellent combinations with wild game and mature cheeses.

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