Tradition and Innovation

The desire to face new challenges, together with a passion for all thing wine is what led Sabrina and me to move from Milan to Gattinara in the north of Piedmont, the home of Nebbiolo.

In 1998, after purchasing some land and renovating an old distillery in the centre of Gattinara, we began growing grapes and making Gattinara DOCG and Bramaterra DOC.

In Sabrina’s family, her great grandfather, originally from Romagnano Sesia, was the cooper, nicknamed “Ciupasell”, who dared to treat downy mildew with Bordeaux mixture, brushing it onto the individual bunches and achieving great results, while in 1930, her grandfather Luigi received diplomas of merit.

A little like Sabrina’s great-grandfather, our curiosity and our attention to quality are what make us stand out, but then so does our desire to experiment without forgetting tradition, which has brought us new incentives and satisfaction. We like to swim against the tide, and although we respect the traditional rules, we believe in making any art form into something personal, and for us, wine is an art form!

Ours is a small business with a philosophy that has always been based on limited production and painstaking attention to detail, which is what we are best known for.