The Genesis

Founded in 1998 by Emanuele Anzivino, Anzivino Winery is a result of a deep passion for wine and the ambition for new challenges. Located in Northern Piedmont, specifically in Gattinara, the winery is dedicated to producing high-quality wines from the renowned Nebbiolo grapes.

The journey began with the purchase of select land parcels and the renovation of a historic distillery in Gattinara, leading to the production of distinguished wines like Gattinara DOCG and Bramaterra DOC.

The Vision

Emanuele and his son Andrea‘s shared vision aims to blend innovation with traditional values, turning each bottle into a unique work of art. This philosophy sets their winery at the forefront of oenological excellence, establishing it as a distinctive landmark in Upper Piedmont.

The family scale of Anzivino Winery is the outcome of a deliberate strategic choice, aimed at ensuring meticulous attention to detail and maintaining an exclusive production, thus guaranteeing high-quality wines.

The Experience

The winery offers a welcoming wine tourism experience, complete with accommodations for those wishing to explore the local culture and traditions.

In addition to the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and the area’s ambiance, we provide tastings of our selected wines and a cellar tour. This allows for an understanding of the wine production process and an appreciation of the dedication and passion that define our work, all within a context of genuine hospitality and sharing.