From Supervolcano…

The hills of Gattinara have a geological history that began 300 million years ago. A significant volcanic eruption formed a caldera and the Supervolcano in the Valsesia region. This event defined the morphology and geological composition of the area.

With the formation of the Alps, the Valsesia area underwent a significant folding of the Earth’s crust. This led to the rise of deep material, which bears witness to the ancient geological dynamics.

The composition of the soils, the result of the long geological history of the area, has given the Nebbiolo of Gattinara a unique minerality. Along with the particular climate, this creates an irreplaceable terroir that enhances the characteristics of the grape variety.

Thanks to the unique conditions offered by the hills of Gattinara, Nebbiolo produces wines of considerable complexity. The close relationship between the geological history of the area and viticulture makes each glass of wine a unique expression of the territory.

The natural acidity of the soils resulting from this process gives the Nebbiolo great minerality, making it unique worldwide.

…to Vinyards: an Unique Terroir

Moderately warm summers and pronounced thermal variations, further influenced by the presence of the Monte Rosa Massif behind the hills of Gattinara, foster a microclimate conducive to preserving and enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of the Nebbiolo.

Our vineyards are situated across three distinct areas: Luccineglio and Molsino vineyards are dedicated to Nebbiolo for the production of Gattinara DOCG. In Roasio, the Corticella vineyards rest on porphyritic soils and are cultivated with Nebbiolo, Croatina, Bonarda, and Vespolina for the Bramaterra DOC. Lastly, the lands between Gattinara and Romagnano Sesia yield grapes for the table wines Caplenga (Nebbiolo, Croatina, Bonarda) and Maulet (Greco).

With the winemaker Giuseppe Zatti, we translate our passion for the vineyard into exquisite wines, treating the Nebbiolo with the reverence it deserves, the true sovereign varietal of this region.

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