The name of this wine is not casual but it has two meanings. Nemesi is in fact an acronym of the grapes, and is also the name of the Greek goddess of justice and measure that distributes according to merit. The assembly of these wines actually is not the result of chance or of a messy impetus, but it’s the result of a fair distribution, evocative of balance and harmony. Bright ruby red colour; scent of fresh fruit with slight nuance of pastries; elegant, full-bodied and mellow.

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Technical description


Cultivation System
Guyot cultivation method, grassing, limited organic fertilization.

Production Parameters
Maximum production 7.500 Kg/ha
Harvest selection
Brief but intense and riveting maceration
Controlled temperature fermentation
Ageing for 6 months in durmast barrels

Analytical Parameters
Natural min. alcohol content 12,5% vol.

Organoleptic Characteristics
Brilliant ruby red colour, fresh fruit bouquet with light sweet note, vinous and elegant. Full and mellow taste.

Aging Period
4 – 5 years

Serving Temperature
18° C

With succulent first course, meat dishes also slightly fat.

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