Nebbiolo grapes from arduous vineyards, after the harvest they arrive in the cellar and they are gently stretched out on mats on which wither until December. Fermentation takes place in traditional wooden vats truncated cone; the wine is then aged, in medium-small wood of second or third passage for at least two years with a further year in bottle. Intense ruby red with garnet reflexes, mellow smell, complex and
persistent, enveloping flavour with soft tannins, balanced, supported by a robust and elegant structure.

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Technical description

Vineyard Location
Valferana (Gattinara)

Vine Variety
Nebbiolo 100%

Cultivation System
Renewing the vine shoot (Guyot), grassing, limited organic fertilization.

Production Parameters
Maximun yeld 3000 kg/ha
Low density of buds
Limited yeld per vine
Harvest selection
Drying on racks
Delicate removal of the grapes from the vines
Intensive and prolonged maceration
Fermentation in truncated cone-shaped wooden tuns
Aging in wood in small wood barrels of second or third decantation
Bottling without filtering

Analytical Parameters
Natural min. alcohol content: 15% vol.

Organoleptic Characteristics
The wine has deep ruby red colour with garnet under-tones, a mellow but complex and persistent bouquet, softly tannic, with harmonious and palate-filling flavour, supported by a robust and elegant body.

Aging Period
8 – 10 years

Serving Temperature
18° C

Perfect served with hearty and substantial first courses with meat sauce, it is also delicious when paired with game. Very pleasing also as a meditation wine.

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